Lizzy Musi Rocks Bradenton Florida on Last NPK Weekend!!

Check this, Lizzy Musi Rocks Bradenton Florida on Last NPK Weekend!!

Once again we are headed down to Florida where a week ago the No Prep Kings Championship caravan was parked for the last race of the season.

By now you probably know that it was Ryan Martin who won the fourth season of this Championship and the season is now over.

While we wait for The Discovery Channel to edit all the materials and get everything on our screens, we decided to bring you a video that features Lizzy Musi and her races at the Bradenton Motorsport Park from the last event.

The first race that she “stumbles upon” once in Florida is of course a race between her and her fiancé Kye Kelley, a race that has a purpose for both cars to check out the grip levels of the track and adjust their tune accordingly.

We decided to opt against the usual jokes about the loser doing the laundry or the dishes, instead, we ask you to check out how her weekend at Florida started.

Next in line against this fearless lady in a Nitrous Camaro is a guy in a Ford.

The Ford in question is also known as “LawFawnduh” and is a 1991 twin-turbo Fox Body that helped get Mike Murillo the win in the second season of the No Prep Kings Championship.

It seems that the second season Champion might have his hands full, because this is not the best season that he had by far, and he has been having all sorts of different problems with the rules as well as the car.

During her weekend at Bradenton Lizzy Musi also got to race another very fast twin-turbo car that was piloted by Shawn Ellington and it is one of the most famous cars in the entire championship, the 405 Murder nova, so to find out how it all went down for her, check out the video and enjoy the action.

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