Wild Crash At The World Cup Finals!!!

Take a look at this, Wild Crash At The World Cup Finals!!!

Unfortunately, we once again have to bring you a crash instead of some close racing and we all know that these things are an inevitable part of racing, however, it hurts to see a crash anytime we come up to it.

You see, we have been around racing cars for quite a while and we have seen how much work goes into getting one at the track so it is especially tough when we see one crash.

Lucky for the driver, the safety equipment did what it was designed to do and prevented any injuries apart from a headache, which we are sure will intensify once he sees how bad the damage is.

His name is Edgar Rivera and the most devastating part of the crash is the fact that he owned this car since 1996 when he originally started working on it to get it to the finish line faster than the guy next to him and now that he is at the World Cup Finals, he suffers a very devastating crash.

While giving the interview, Edgar did not know the cause of the accident and was telling the reporter that all he was trying was to keep the car off the wall, little did he know his efforts were undermined by his car, to begin with.

If you take a look at the video in slow motion, you can see that white mist starts spraying on the left tire of his Integra, giving it less grip than the right one and causing it to fall behind, causing the entire vehicle to rotate.

This was caused by a blown head gasket which caused the radiator to split open and spray coolant on the tire causing it to start losing grip and spin the car into the wall.

Check out this crazy video and don’t worry we are sure that Edgar will bring that Integra back on the track soon.

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