An American Chopper Classic…The Big Fight Over a Missing Tools!!!

Hell yeah, This for sure is an American Chopper Classic…The Big Fight Over a Missing Tools!!!

IT has been a while since they have been off the air but at times, you must be wondering, was the American Chopper show so popular because of the extremely good build, or was it because of that crazy family that loved getting into fights with each other over the simplest things.

There have been so many fights over things that were never that important to begin with, for example this one is about a tool that Paul Jr. grabbed from his father, a grinder to be exact, and you would think that this is just an equipment which compared to what they make, literally costs nothing, and they might have even got it for free by some sponsor that wanted his tools to appear on a show that is so popular all over the world.

In retrospective, watching these clips makes us kinda wanna say that Paul Sr. might have been the crazy guy that was entertaining to watch, but at the same time, the one that was getting so much under the skin of his son that he could not take it anymore and he just had to get out of that shop.

Watch the video bellow and tell us what do you think?

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