Precious “Heifer” Nova Smoke Doc “Street Beast” in Real Street Race!

Precious “Heifer” Nova Smoke Doc “Street Beast” in Real Street Race!

Yes the first thing that comes to mind is that this track is not the most modern (according to the lack of any kind of starting lights), or the most maintained track we have seen in a while but nevertheless, it is sufficiently safe with those big fields on the side, and nothing hard to hit, and that is the most important thing for many of the drivers.

This time we join the action as the DOC lines up the “Street Beast” Monte Carlo against the Precious Copper sitting in the “Heifer” Nova at this so called Ar JJDaBoss Arm Drop event that was held at this not so sophisticated track at Newport Dragway located in Arkansas.

The track might not be in a mint condition but these guys are surely not slowing down because of it and they give us some amazing action in the video bellow, so klick on it and enjoy some awesome racing.


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