Audi Present Traffic Light Information System

Audi present the Traffic Light information system and it’s incredible!

Considering the fact that every single day the number of car accidents with deadly impact on the participants is growing so fast, manufacturer Audi came up with an idea of designing technology with which vehicles would be able to communicate with each other and to different parts of roadway infrastructure like the traffic lights, work zones, toll booths, and school zones in order to increase traffic safety.

It was a matter of time when that will happen knowing the fact that computer technology has advanced a lot in these recent years.

This technology system so far has been implemented in several models of Audi as A4, A4 All-Road and Q7.

As they report by Audi, vehicles will be equipped with control system of the distance between vehicles and with devices which will be monitoring the signaling light by communicating with them through the WI-FI signal, so in that way they will be able to collect information which will be transmitted to the driver so that the driver know when the red light will turn green or the opposite.

This will allow the driver to relax knowing approximately how much time remains before the changing of the light. It is considered that, this is the way which will contribute of reducing sudden braking or acceleration in front of the traffic lights, and off course which is considered to contribute to be avoided future accidents.

For now this device will be used only on the streets of Las Vegas and for that propose the TLI (Traffic Light Information) will be integrated in the traffic signalization of this town. If this device passes the test in this experimental phase it will be connected to many other cities.

From Audi assure as that in the future this device it will be more and more functional in that way so that the information given by the TLI it would be able to be used in the functioning of the Start-Stop system, navigation and the other technology applications which will be incorporated into the vehicles.

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