Aussie Muscle Car Barn Find & Rescue, Mission Impossible….Almost!

Take a look at this, Aussie Muscle Car Barn Find & Rescue, Mission Impossible….Almost!

Australia is known for its love of cars, especially muscle cars. And when it comes to rescuing these automotive treasures from being lost to time, there is no challenge too great for car enthusiasts. This was the case for Glenn Everitt, who joined forces with Survivor Car Australia Magazine to rescue an iconic Aussie Muscle Car that had been trapped in a suburban shed for over 30 years.

The car in question was a Ford Falcon XA GT Sedan, a classic muscle car that was once a symbol of Australia’s love affair with fast, powerful vehicles. However, after being parked in a suburban shed in 1986, it had become trapped there and was unable to be removed by normal methods due to the surrounding buildings that had been built around it.

Despite the challenges, Everitt and the team at Survivor Car Australia Magazine were determined to rescue this piece of automotive history. And after careful planning and preparation, they were able to successfully remove the car from its long-standing home and bring it back to its former glory.

The rescue mission was covered by Master of Machines, a channel that celebrates all things with wheels and an engine. From American muscle cars to classic cars of all kinds, the channel covers the latest developments in the automotive world and provides a platform for car enthusiasts to share their passion for all things fast and powerful.

This mission to rescue the Ford Falcon XA GT Sedan is a testament to the love and dedication that car enthusiasts have for preserving the history of the automotive industry. It’s a story of triumph over adversity, and a reminder that with determination and hard work, anything is possible.

In conclusion, the rescue of this iconic Aussie muscle car is a story that will inspire car enthusiasts everywhere and be remembered as a defining moment in the history of Australia’s love affair with fast and powerful vehicles.

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