How did Wayne Smozanek from “Street Outlaws” die?

Take a look at this, How did Wayne Smozanek from “Street Outlaws” die?

While many of us first heard of the late Wayne Smozanek when he started racing in the No Prep Kings Championship, his motorsport career did not start with him racing at the drag strip. Instead, he started his career behind the wheel of something much slower than a drag racing machine, he started with Monster Trucks.

Tropical Thunder was the name of the truck that he drove and worked on for years before joining the rest of the drag racing gang.

Although his first visit to the track was at the age of 16 in Florida, it was in the 1980s when he started driving the popular Tropical Thunder monster truck which he loved and had great success with.

After 1993 he decided that drag racing was the sport that he enjoys the most and with the help of his auto mechanic business that he was currently occupied with, jump-started his drag racing career and his own team.

By now we are sure that you are guessing the name of the team and if you chose Tropical Thunder, you are correct, because that was the name of his team that joined the No Prep Kings Championship in 2019.

After starting in the No Prep Kings Championship, the Street Outlaws producers started featuring him in as many races as they could.

This gave a boost to his drag racing team and his drag racing career helping him get more sponsors and more air time which grew as the franchise grew itself, providing more and more income for the team and his passion for drag racing.

It was with great sadness that we took in the news of his passing and like everybody else in this sport we were shocked because of his untimely death.

So check out the video and find out what exactly happened to him.


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