Sam Fenech killed in drag racing accident at Willowbank!

Check these sad news, Sam Fenech killed in drag racing accident at Willowbank!

With great sorrow, we bring you this story from Australia, where Sam Fenech, the popular racer, mechanic, and car enthusiast, has made his last lap around the drag strip.

Over the years we have repeated that motorsport is dangerous and unfortunately has been known to take the lives of those that love it the most.

Sam was extremely popular with the local Australian racers and the spectators however his lifelong devotion to the drag races has reached all over the world so unfortunately, racers all over the world are still in disbelief about his untimely death.

The New Year Nitro event was held at Willowbank Raceway, a track that is situated about 45 minutes away from Brisbane in Queensland Australia, and has been welcoming drag racers from every category and class since 1985.

While the track had all the adequate safety measures installed and all the precautions have been taken, nobody could have expected Sam Fenech’s Chevy Camaro would hop over the wall at 200 miles per hour and start barrel rolling toward the camera platform.

This was one of their newer cars and as all new cars do, it has been giving them some unexpected difficulties while they were trying to get it down the track in a straight line at full power all the way to the finish line.

They claimed that they thought they had everything figured out for the Willowbank race and were hoping that they have finally ironed out all the issues with the so-called “new car blues” and were ready to face the competition.

Unfortunately, not all issues were taken care of and the car made a sudden move towards the wall and then crossed in the right lane where it flipped over the wall, claiming the life of the beloved racer.

Our prayers are with the Fenech family and friends, in these hard times.


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