Street Outlaws OKC Small Tire – MURDER NOVA’S 55 Back on the Streets!!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws OKC Small Tire – MURDER NOVA’S 55 Back on the Streets!!

Whenever we hear about a ’55 Chevy from the 405 we normally think of Chuck 55 and the red No Prep Kings car that he drove during the last few Championships.

As it turns out, he is not the only street racer from Oklahoma that is in love with this car. Instead, we now realize that Shawn “Murder Nova” Ellington is the other racer that has loved this car ever since he was a kid and since has been able not just to acquire one, but to race it as well.

He first fell in love with this particular vehicle when he stumbled upon it at an auction and just like they say in romantic movies, it was love at first sight and he knew immediately that he will be leaving the auction with this vehicle in tow.

If you have watched the 187 Customs YouTube channel closely, you might have spotted this car sitting in his garage as he works on the new and old, or as he calls them, the OG Murder Nova and the NPK Murder Nova.

While we have mainly focused on those two cars over the years, this beautiful 55 Chevy has been sitting in the background patiently waiting to be called back to action.

As it turns out, that is exactly what happened as the Street Outlaws OKC have been turning back to small tire cars, and the legendary 55 Chevy has been called back to action, after being away from racing for more than 5 years.

Since the regulations have been pointing towards street racing, this meant that the car needs to get a radiator and a few more additions that make it capable of tackling the “Street” part with ease, so check out this great video and find out much more about Shawn “Murder Nova” Ellington’s new yet still good old ride.


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