This BADA*S 106mm Turbo Wagon Will Blow Your Mind !

This BADA*S 106mm Turbo Wagon Will Blow Your Mind !

His name is Shawn Finks, and he is the proud owner and driver of this amazing 1963 Turbo Wagon which you are about to see pulling some insane wheelies and crushing some amazing times at Drag Week.

This turbocharged monster is consistent throughout the runs slamming down low 8’s all week long, while flying down the track while making contact with only the rear tires.

At times this thing is rotating so fast that he has to let off the gas pedal in order to keep it from damaging the rear.

Play the video and find out a lot more from the owner himself as he takes the time between runs to show up on camera and talk about his pride and joy in this amazing action packed video, and believe us, you won’t be disappointed because it is filled with some amazing action from a bunch of events that he appeared at.

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