This is really wild Wheelstanding Wagon on Street Drags!

WILD Wheelstanding WAGON – Coffeyville Street Drags!

When a drag racing car reaches a certain (quite high) level of torque and grip, something amazing happens, the rear tires want to get to the finishing line so fast that they try to pass the front ones, and during this “fight” with gravity and each other a great moment appears in which the front tires are lifted high in the air and the rear bumper kisses the asphalt.

During this “dance” the experienced drivers keep the pedal to the floor and ride this out while gathering speed, but not all of them have the guts to do it, so many times the less experienced drivers tend to let off the gas and slam the front-end risking damaging the suspension and the whole chassis.

Apparently this guy is not scared at all since he keeps the pedal of that Wagon, buried deep in the floor riding out the wheelie and collecting speed, during the Coffeyville Street Drags ‘Border Battle’ event, to the amusement of the entire crowd so check it out in the video bellow.

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