Barn Find Hunter Uncovers $1,000,000 Barn Find ant It’s WOW!

Barn Find Hunter Uncovers $1,000,000 Barn Find ant It’s WOW!

If you want to succeed than the first and most important rule is to work hard and tireless in order to achieve the status of being the best in the field.

Apparently the Barn Find Hunter has managed to succeed in his field so much that instead of hunting for the classic cars hidden in barns, he has reached the point of people hunting for him in order to feature their vehicle in his very popular show.

In this episode Tom Cotter discovers an incredibly rare 1952 Pegaso Z102, which to be honest we were not familiar with, but the folks that owned it in California were certain that they had a treasure in their garage, and they wanted to show it off to the rest of the world.

Aside from the Pegaso, which is so rare that there were only 85 of them ever built, this guy has an incredible collection of cars that would each be good enough for us, if we were given the chance to take them home.

What’s your favorite classic featured in this video?

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