ONE Wheel Drag Racing – Turbo Nova Goes UP!

ONE Wheel Drag Racing – Turbo Nova Goes UP and it’s insane!

There are all sorts of drag racing folks out there, and we have seen many different ideas of a fast car, we have even seen cars that have wheelie bars, but are never using them because the car simply does not have enough power to rotate itself and pull the front wheels off the ground.

Then there is a guy like the owner of this amazingly clean Nova SS powered by a turbocharged LSx that is just so ridiculously powerful, and has such huge amounts of grip, that the car is downright dangerous without a wheelie bar.

It gets to such a dangerous point that the only contact with the drag strip is the rear bumper and only one wheel.

We just have to congratulate this guy and show him respect for that incredibly dangerous wheelie which is close to ripping the rear bumper off.

Check out the video and tell us, would you expect such a crazy style of driving from somebody that has such a nice clean ride?

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