Female Harley Rider Freaking Out on a Highway!

Female Harley Rider Freaking Out on a Highway!

We have all been warned not to drink and drive, but this does not look like any liker influence we have seen, this folks looks like the lady has been enjoying some heavy duty drugs.

At first we thought that she has headphones in and is dancing to music, which by the way is also a terrible idea on a bike, so don’t try it, only to realize that the music she is hearing, is only playing in her head, and her head alone.

Needless to say, that she is not wearing any protection gear, and she is moving from the front and the rear seat while riding, and pulling some unexplainable crazy maneuvers.

We are honestly lost for words on how to explain her maneuvers so you would have to watch the video yourself, but we believe that this video should be used in a public announcement video, in order to scare kids into staying away from drugs, yes it is that bad, check it out.

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