Barn Find: This ’48 Harley Is an Absolute Time Capsule!!

Check this Barn Find: This ’48 Harley Is an Absolute Time Capsule!!

It seems that lately all the barn finds have been truly extraordinaire since today we bring you a 1948 Harley Davidson with a side car which has never been restored, making it a real jewel in the old-timer circles.

The best part about it was the fact that after all those years of sitting in a garage, the bike was actually turning over, which was enough for Wayne Carini, the famous collector and restorer to pay the asking price because he just had to have it.

As proof of how good bikes were made back then sits the fact that after a bit of tinkering the bike started back up and was now running great as Wayne rides it to the Antique Motorcycle Show in Connecticut to show at off to the rest of the folks attending that beautiful bike with all the patina on it.

Check out this amazing time-capsule of a vehicle in the video bellow.

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