Street Outlaws Farmtruck vs Jet Dragster on the strip!

Wow, this is amazing, Street Outlaws Farmtruck vs Jet Dragster on the strip!

American Outlaws live are here with one astonishing video that features one very crazy race between two vehicles that are not even in the same category and not even using the same form of propulsion.

These two vehicles are literally worlds apart, since one of them is the mega popular Farmtruck, the vehicle that does its best to be the sleeper that nobody notices on the streets making sure to hide all of its abilities and con people on the street in drag races.

The other one. Well that thing is not hiding anything since this is a Jet powered dragster that bellows smoke and breathes fire, spewing flames behind it, like it is the fourth of July.

The General electric 58 turbine is the power-plant that provides all that thrust and makes sure that this is not going to be a walk in the park for the Farmtruck.

Will that huge turbine be a match for the power and grip that the Farmtruck is providing? Well check out the video and find out for itself.

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