Ultra Rare 1969 L78 396 Yenko Nova Found In Western PA Parked Since 1978!

Take a look at this, Ultra Rare 1969 L78 396 Yenko Nova Found In Western PA Parked Since 1978!

There are many unique things about this car and many of them are extremely rare.

For example, this is the only ever automatic 1969 L78 396 Yenko Nova that has ever surfaced so far.
According to the records that were able to be discovered, the official Yenko dealership had sold only 37 of these cars ever.

At the moment 26 of them have been found and now this one is the 27th vehicle, which explains the incredible exclusivity of this vehicle.

Can you imagine being only one of the 27 people in the world to own a specific kind of vehicle.

The explanation is that the vehicle has been street legal for the last time in July 1978 and it has been locked away from the public and all the car lovers ever since.

The guy that discovers it made a great walk around video that shows many of the cool features of this find, so play the video and enjoy one extremely rare classic muscle car.

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12 thoughts on “Ultra Rare 1969 L78 396 Yenko Nova Found In Western PA Parked Since 1978!

  1. This is simply an L-78 Nova that happened to be shipped to Yenko Chevrolet. Similar Novas were shipped to any dealer ordering them. They are desirable cars, but the fact that Don Yenko ordered this one doesn’t make it special, and there’s no reason to believe he had any intention to convert it to a 427, unless there’s a document that states that fact, signed by Yenko. The fact that’s it’s an automatic would suggest there was no intention to make it (as far as I can determine) the only 427 Yenko Nova so equipped.

    1. Rick agree with you one hundred percent nothing ultra rare just a L/78 nova that came from YenKo Chevrolet . Just because it came from here unmodified makes it any more special then from any other chevy dealer.

    2. This is a SS396 sold by Yenko not a Yenko nova.The serial # is not on the registery because its just a Nova SS. There are several Yenko Novas, Camaros and at leas 1 Vega in my area.If it is real Yenko it should have black ralley stripes on the hood and trunk with a triangle at the beginning wit a sYc in it (yenko Super Car) It should also have bucket seats with a center console with a gauge clusterThe same emblem should be embossed in the head rest and it should have a decal on the air cleaner clearly saying sYc as well as other body emblems, Nova SS sold by Yenko Yes . Yenko super car no. My neighbor has a 69 Yenko Camaro same color and I know of a few more around. I live less than 100 mile from Pittsburg

  2. Very nice car but I wouldn’t consider it a yanko. What if shelby had a mustang shipped to him back in the 60’s to convert to a shelby. And he did nothing but immediately sold it. Would it still have the value of a shelby, hell no. This nova doesn’t even a yanko badge. It’s a nice car just not a six figure car. It’s a base 396 nova nothing more.

  3. I don’t see it being so special…and with it only being on the road for 9 years it has too much rust on it.

  4. I loved watching this. I remember the days when people used to make their cars into street machines. I had a 69 Chevy 327 2-door coupe. That thing rocked on the highway. It was in mint condition. Funny thing, one of the reasons I bought it was because there was a clear sneaker print upside down on the interior of the back seat!

  5. Why doesn’t anybody ever say what they paid for these cars? Tells me that someone got shafted if you can say the price….what’s the big deal? How much was paid to get the “find”.??

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