Big Chief is Building a New Car!!!

Check this, Big Chief is Building a New Car!!!

Whenever we bring you the newest video from Sim, it usually starts with him talking about who commented what on his previous video in order to respond to the best of his abilities to all of his fans and everybody else that is interested in his video.

Today however it seems that he heads in a different direction since the first thing that he shows us, is a terrible street racing crash which according to him happened on the streets of Mexico when a twin turbo nova got very sideways, and ended up in a very bad crash.

We have talked about this over and over again and it appears that Sim has the same idea in his mind which is the actual reason why he is showing us the video, and that is to remind us all that street racing is very, very dangerous.

We kinda got used to seeing all the street races under flood lights with tons of cameras and all sorts of protection, however out there on the illegal street races there is not much protection and safety so that means that things can go from bad to worse in a split second.

The main topic that we all want to hear about, is of course the fact that he managed to dig up some information about a brand new car being built by no other than Big Chief.

The fun part is the fact that it was an actual engine builder that leaked the information, and blabbed that the brand new engine that they are assembling for Big Chief will not go in any of the cars we know, instead it is headed into something new that is being built.

What exactly, well we’ll let Sim tell you all about it in his newest episode of street talk, check it out.

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