Street Outlaws JJ da Boss 3 Second Ride First Pass!!

Check this, Street Outlaws JJ da Boss 3 Second Ride First Pass!!

As you are about to see, there are many things on this video that you should not try yourself and the first one that comes to mind is the fact that you don’t go on the track and try to make a pass wearing a sleeveless shirt like JJ Da Boss.

Not to badmouth the guy but there are rules that the racers have setup for the track, and are supposed to be respected for your own safety, and launching a car that should be a three second car with no proper protection gear is one of the biggest ones.

Now we are not going to say anything about the claimed 3 seconds because this is still a new car and it supposed to do much more tests before it gets to the fastest time it can put down, although this run did not look like a three second run.

It was promising I’ll give it that because there might be much more potential in this car and he might have not pushed it all the way due to the fact that like we already said, he was not wearing proper safety gear.

You can even see Axman in the video wearing everything a driver needs to wear when getting in a race car, but for whatever reason JJ opted against this.

As for the car, well this was not a three second pass for sure however JJ was very impressed with the way the car handled and went straight, that would suggest that it had much more to give with a few tweaks.

So check out to video and tell us in the comment section, do you thing this car has what it takes to get bellow 4 seconds, or is this all just a publicity stunt from JJ trying to scare everybody else that line up against him?

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  • I can assure you that JJ DABOSS pass was NOT a 3 second pass simply because US60 dragway doesn’t have enough shut-down for that quick of run. Simply a bunch of hype from the blow-hard JJ DABOSS.😎🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • I don’t care who likes what I have to say or. Or that’s jj the boss not gonna put his real name out there northeast Arkansas boys and Memphis been winning since I was a kid I’ll put money on jj all day everyday that’s a 3 second pass get in a real race car and u will find out Lol not ain’t nobody got shit on Jj hands down king of the streets period he ain’t scared that’s why he ain’t in suit snowflakes I tell ya lol

  • The title says JJ da Boss 3 Second Ride First Pass. Not that JJ makes a 3 second Pass. That car had run 3.90s when Axman had it. The title does not claim what you state it claims, so your misunderstanding here paints a fabrication.

    P.s. your final paragraph reads “Tell me what you thing” instead of “think”. In case you’d like to fix that error as well.

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