Gherkin Twin Turbo Chevy Nova Wrong Turn!!!

Take a look at this, Gherkin Twin Turbo Chevy Nova Wrong Turn!!!

They named it The Gherkin and this is a twin turbo Nova which is actually a true street car, and by that we don’t mean that it has steel roof and quarters, instead this is a car that was entered in the true street class.

For those of you that are a bit rusty on the subject, the true street class cars, have to take a real cruise of about 30 miles and complete the run before they can race in their class.

This of course means that this Gherkin can street and that is a really good thing because we keep finding cars that need to be towed to the starting line and are a bit unusable as a car, which makes them pure racers more than street cars.

Do not dare doubt the potential at the track however since this thing can put some massive power down and provide for some good acceleration even though it is on small tires.

Unfortunately, at this event it did not provide us with a spectacular event, instead it did provide us with a great save by the driver.

You see, near the finish line the Gherkin got a bit sideways and instead of seesawing at the wheel the driver opted for something else.

He slammed on the brakes as hard as they would bite and got the car sliding sideways towards the wall at the far end, and lucky for him the car in the other lane was just far enough behind him so he can watch safely and enjoy the show as the Gherkin crossed the line into his lane.

His reaction provided that the beautiful twin turbo nova gets to keep its good looks and avoid any damage, apart from losing the race.

So check out the video and tell us how you liked the Gherkin twin turbo Nova.

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