Street Outlaws Cash Days Bad Wreck!!!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws Cash Days Bad Wreck!!!

Once again we have some bad news and there is no good thing to bring it to you.

This is a race that is being filmed for the Street Outlaws show, an episode named Cash Days and as it happens in such fast and competitive races, it all went wrong in a split second somewhere around half way down the track.

The car in the far lane lost control and got sideways so fast, that there was just no way to save it and bring it back inline.

Unfortunately, this sent him off the track and the car went flying all over the place crashing violently making us all hold our breath.

As we gather, this is Dewayne Mills and he is behind the wheel of his car named the Golden Kong, unfortunately the car is totaled but Dewayne was released from the hospital the same evening, which is great news, after walking away from this.

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