On FIRE at 150MPH with NO BRAKES, Now that’s Crazy!!

Check this, On FIRE at 150MPH with NO BRAKES, Now that’s Crazy!!

Can you imagine racing a guy, and then all of a sudden you lose all of your power.

Scary right?

The first thing that comes to mind is, this is going to be very expensive.

Well now a few seconds into that, a fire comes into play and the cabin is filling with smoke.

Even scarier, you gotta admit.

And then you press the brake and there is no reaction from the car, it just keeps rolling and costing down the road at about 50 miles per hour, with a cabin full of smoke and no way to stop!

This is what happened to Kyle from 1320 videos and once he got himself out of danger, there was only one thing he wanted you to know.

Yes, here we go again with the same old advice.

Keep the races at the race track and stop street racing.

There are many things that can go wrong, however this time it was a melted quick line quick disconnect.

A tiny thing like that small piece, caused this heavily modified Audi RS3 to turn into a fireball within minutes.

The thing is, those modifications are great for when you work on your car as I guess this guy was doing.

However, by changing too many parts on his car, he ended up with a few parts that are not DOT (department of transportation) approved meaning the parts were made strictly for racing cars.

The reason they don’t even bother to get them approved is the fact that these are parts that are made to be used at the track where there are many ways to keep the driver safe unlike the public roads.

If this happened at the track, they would have been out of the car and surrounded by fire fighters within the first minute, and the Audi would have been saved.

Hopefully they learned their lesson.

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