Bad “Xtreme ‘BIRD” 1970 Blown HEMI SuperBird 6sec 200mph Shakedowns!

Take a look at this Bad ” Xtreme ‘BIRD ” 1970 Blown HEMI SuperBird 6sec 200mph Shakedowns!

The first time you lay your eyes on the car you know that this is a very special piece of machinery, but

there are many things that you should know about the car as well as the family that runs it.

Yes, we did not say team we said family and not with the intention to show you that this team is close like a family, no we mean that these guys actually are a family and all of them participate in racing one way or another.

Meet the Malek family.

The funny thing is, they actually did not like each other that much while in high school although they shared their love for the sport and frequently ran into one another at the Great Lakes Dragaway where they were both regulars.

 After the animosity left, love was born and these two racers got married and had three kids, which you are probably guessing are already racing.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that their newest build, this 1970 Superbird or as they love to call it XTREme Bird is a car that actually lived abroad, in Europe and it was used for racing over the pond.

About three years ago, the Malek family purchased it and spend hours upon hours improving it and well, you can now see the result.

Mom and dad, still have to take turns racing it since both are still into competitive racing and both of them love speed and acceleration.

At the moment, as you can see, they run a pretty big pulley in order to keep the power down until they put the car thru its paces during the shakedown.

Once they are happy with the build, they will swap the pulley and start dialing in more and more power and show us what this XTREME BIRD is really capable of, check it out.

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