Big Chief Twin Turbo 482 The Crow Maintaining after Testing for America’s List Season 2!!!

Check this, Big Chief Twin Turbo 482 The Crow Maintaining after Testing for America’s List Season 2!!!

All these years we have heard many different theories about why some guys are faster than others and the main one that most of the people have been standing behind must be the one that most of the time, the win goes to the team that put in more work than the others.

For years this has been the well-known “secret” to success for all the racers and to finally get to see them test over and over again for the America’s List season two, it must mean that most of the guys have decided to follow this rule.

Last time we brought you Big Chief he had to drive all over the place to find a location that is suitable for him to test. If you remember, as soon as he was done with a few hits he encountered a police officer who was surprised that he had his car out of the trailer and was adamant that he needs to leave the area.

Well, it seems that some of the guys had managed to find out about his secret testing location and are planning to use it as well. It is obvious that Big Chief is not too thrilled about this idea because as he said, he is sure that they are not going to be taking the necessary precautions to make sure they don’t bring out the police to his location, or maybe even the same police officer that he encountered.

Another funny thing that he mentioned was the fact that they will be testing their procharger cars which as we all know are much louder than The Crow with its twin turbos, and that in his opinion is a recipe for disaster.

So check out the video and see Big Chief performing some maintenance on the Crow as he tells us what is going on during the filming of the new season of America’s List.

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