Wow, take a look at this, BIG CHIEF QUITS STREET OUTLAWS!!!

We have come a long way from the show that filmed a bunch of guys that are street racing following them thru the night as they meet up with other street racers in order to prove who is the fastest on their streets.

It appears that many of the racers these days are forgetting this because most of the audience that is watching the Street Outlaws is adamant that it was Big Chief who introduced the street racing world to the public, and thanks to his introduction, racers have now made quite a few bucks doing what they love.

Let us face the facts. Street racing costs a lot of money and thanks to the publicity that these guys have because of the show, they have been able to pick up a few sponsors here and there which helps them massively when it comes to parts and engine purchases.

As a matter a fact, according to Sim, it was Big Chief and Jackie who came up with the idea of the America’s List, and now there are rumors spreading that it was Big Chief who actually quit the show.

Now we have Sim addressing these rumors that Big Chief has quit the show and it was all because of some altercation between him Precious and Jackie.

The other thing is that this did not take place in the middle of the season or at some other later date, after there has been tons of racing and people have been at each other’s throats for interpreting the rules differently than it was intended no, this happened at the very beginning of the new season, at the very first drivers meeting.

So check out Sim’s video and let him tell you what happened in this new season and will Big Chief still be a part of America’s List.

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  1. The shows first couple seasons was ok.
    I stopped watching years ago. Cant stand the drama. Too much like WWE wrestling. You people lost touch with reality. As with every thing else, all about $$$.
    If chief walked, good for him.

  2. Good for you Big Chief. Walk away. You don’t have to put up with precious mouth. And she has one. If and when you come back I will watch you. Stay safe.

  3. If it wasn’t for big chief we wouldn’t b watching a street outlaws show he is the one that brought it all out to tv b for precious to have the mouth she has she should b thanking big chief for her to b famous n get paid to do what she loves but fame gets the best of everyone n changes who they are but the show has changed to much n fast I liked it the most when the show first started now it’s why too much drama the fighting just makes the show too much I turn it off or fast forward it but wherever big chief goes I’ll follow him the most

      1. I watched episode 1 and needed a barf bag by the end of the episode. I won’t be watching the get of it. Precious would be a nobody of it wasn’t for this show. I’m a Texan and these people make me ashamed to say it. All of the whining and crybaby stuff. Sickening. Running and hiding from ssh other. Stupid. I don’t see how axman can call himself number one of he hides and won’t race. He’s not the best if he won’t defend the title. Her just runs and hides like all the other cry babies. I hope to see Big Chief again.

  4. Chief you leave i lose allot of interest in 405 group so you are responsible for starting this show so finish whst you started. Quitters are losers

  5. Every since big chief and Sean broke apart Sean. has had an attitude. I can’t stand Chuck either he thinks who the hell he thinks he is. Those two guys I can’t stand. Sorry that big chief is quitting. But it’s probably for the best. I do wish them the best Good luck

    1. I mean I’d have an attitude if I was going through so stuff and thinking I needed a break from racing ans stuff to focus on life and my best friend practically told me well you can’t be in my garage anymore of your not going to be all in on racing!

  6. Well there is to many people that think they’re always right. Chief and Jackie just said ENOUGH! We’ll see what happens now. I think we are getting real tired of the garbage the other are saying. Guys you either come together or just FTFO!

  7. Bull shit walks but money talks. He will be back after he drops 50 lbs and needs some cash. The show will continue there are a lot of new good racers

  8. Big Chief has been shafted. Someone should shut up Precious. Mouthy! The rest of the 405 should back up Chief. But no, they carry on and walk away from the guy they backed for so many years.
    We have come a long way baby. Sad and lonely way.

  9. Good for you Big Chief… brothers Shawn, Ryan, Chuck and Dave need to thank Chief for all the money they’ve made. …these pretentious asshole all banded together never offering any support. Yea, they were all too busy scrambling to see who could be first in line to kiss Ryan’s ass after all he is their leader now. He’s the one with the money. Did you know… I laughed at this…Chuck and Shawn fighting to see who got to sleep in the same bed with Ryan while on location in Texas during filming of America’s list 2. Is the something “funny” going on here? after all one of them paints their toenails…use your imagination on that. To Big Chief and Jackie the show sucks without you … best wishes to both of you….later!

  10. Big Chief is the show all the drivers need to stand up for chief there would be none of this if it wasn’t for him I want be watching till they bring Chief back

    1. I agree. Without the Chief the show is not the same. The 405 team should have backed him up. They didn’t. Shame on them. I won’t be watching America’s list season 2. I tried watching episode 1 and needed a barf bag by the end of the show. Tool much drama, mouthy precious, axman the coward and too many cry babies.

  11. Yeah I agree with a lot of people, Precious got a mouth and big head, to have not really won anything or even be the fastest. She needs to be humbled for sure. I think her mouth definitely hurts the ratings. They all need to show Chief some respect.

  12. I am from old school street racing I am 70 years old. What I can tell Chief is get over your self. The sun dose not rise and set over you all the time. Quit acting like a self-centered 2 year old and grow up. Have some pride stop making yourself look like a baby. Racing is supposed to be fun. So what if someone says something laugh at it and move on. remember the old saying sticks and stones can break your bones but words can’t hurt you. You are supposed to fight with your car not having Gladiator fights in the middle of the street. You will be a bigger person if you sucked it up and let it go. Hiding makes you really look like a little person. Word of advice I am a retired race engine machinist and engine builder 47 years Get rid of the Pontiac what you are running is at its limit don’t care how much nitro you are feeding it. Boom!!!!!

    1. I’m older than you. I’ve had a few hot rods and built a lot of engines myself. I’m a Texan and I’m ashamed of that Texas bunch. The show was Chief’s idea and those cry babies are trying to take control. If I were the Chief I’d tell them to stuff it. To much drama. They need to just get out there, race, keep their mouths shut, and let their cars do the talking.

  13. How is even America’s list if Kvilhaug,Azevedo,Swanstrom Roberts & James aren’t there to compete let alone Pinky or a few others?(Precious talks the walk as well as walkin’ it )

  14. Chief DONT run nitrous lol………. BOOM, he runs twin turbos Mr 70 year old engine builder, Chief is mad because MSO was able to bring a whole slew of mediocre racers to the show to race their way in, and yet the man that created all these opportunities for ALL these chumps can’t race his way in, he the only man on the show with any balls and integrity to stand up to JJ and his hustling scam ass “family”…………it’s more like JJ the Dictator hahahahahaha

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