Street Outlaws OKC – *UNDEFEATED* Monza vs Big Chief!!

Check this, Street Outlaws OKC – *UNDEFEATED* Monza vs Big Chief!!

There might be many ways to describe how Monza has made a huge comeback this season and that his car is flying, and one of them must be the fact that at the moment he is 3 and 0, meaning that the three guys that lined up against him on the street from the 405 have lost and he has won every race that he has entered this season.

Then there is the other way to explain how fast Jerry Monza is this year and that is to tell you that Big Chief says that Monza would have been a great draw last year, but this year Jerry is so fast that he is stressing out, yep Big Chief is stressed from lining up on the streets against Jerry Monza, now that is a real compliment if we have heard one.

With Big Chief racing, it will be Jeff Lutz flagging the race and turning on the flashlight instead of Dominator who usually does this for Big Chief however this time he needs to get his car ready because he is up next.

There is no doubt that Jerry and his son have been working hard this winter to get the car ready for the upcoming racing season and to be honest seeing them make such huge progress is something that commands respect for these guys and their work.

Big Chief and The Crow on the other hand go into this race with one win and one loss showing that Big Chief has still a lot of tinkering to do with that massive rear wing that drivers are giving him grief for.

Even Jackie is not certain that the huge wing on the back should stay on the car and she tells Jeff Lutz that she had tried fighting him on the subject, however to no avail.

So check out this race and see if Jerry Monza will be able to stay undefeated or will that wing prove useful. 

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