Street Outlaws OKC 405- ROLLIN’ Ryan Martin vs Dominator!!!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws OKC 405- ROLLIN’ Ryan Martin vs Dominator!!!

Once again these guys are on the same road that they were using a few years back and with this, in mind, these guys are pulling out all the tricks that they have in their bags to get to the finish line faster than the competition.

On paper, this should be an easy win for Ryan Martin and the Fireball Camaro which has been on this road hundreds of times winning against some of the toughest competitors out there.

There is however a big twist that does not allow Ryan to relax and that is the fact that for the first time this Fireball Camaro is here with a procharged engine, and that means that all the data that Ryan has on this road with this car is totally unusable, because the data was collected in the time when the Fireball Camaro was powered by a twin-turbo with a Proline 481x.

So these days he needs to get all the data he can in order to start getting faster and faster on this road.

This road had not been raced on for more than two years and this is why in the first few races on the first race night there were some incredible saves in the right lane, which miraculously came around after a few rounds.

Once again these guys are playing the tuner game and the fact is that Dominator is about to throw the kitchen sink at it in order to try and get a win in the right lane, while at the same time, Ryan Martin cannot turn his up too much because if he smokes the tires, Dom will be right there waiting to grab the win.

So as always check out the video and see who will get the tune right and bring himself closer to the spot on America’s List.

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