The BIGGEST CHANGE We Have Ever Seen To Street Outlaws!!!

Check this, The BIGGEST CHANGE We Have Ever Seen To Street Outlaws!!!

As always Sim is not here with just one topic that he wants to tell us about, this guy has so much information about Street Racing in his mind that he can talk to us for hours upon hours in each video.

This however might be a bit much the audience and some of us might not be able to sit still for half an hour at a time to hear all the information that he has on a certain subject of street racing.

This time, apart from his main topic about big changes to the Street Outlaws he still touches on the topic which was important to us a few days back when he dropped a bomb on us, saying that Big Chief might be leaving the Street Outlaws.

He is now explaining to everybody that his info is so much ahead of the rest of the guys, and how the videos that are coming out featuring Jackie and Big Chief have been filmed at a previous date and this is why they are not confirming his claims.

For many of the fans, Big Chief is the guy who brought us the world of street racing to the rest of us and even to the rest of the world, since thanks to Discovery this show has aired all over the world providing everybody with an inside glimpse of the nocturnal life of street racers.

The very fact that there have been a few spinoff shows created because of the success of the original Street Outlaws, shows the huge amount of publicity that this show has achieved, and according to Sim, that is the biggest change that the show has ever had.

So why don’t you play the video and let him tell you all about this hype and why he thinks it is the biggest change we have ever seen to Street Outlaws.

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