The Reaper Makes His Street Outlaws 405 Return To Challenge Murder Nova!!!

Take a look at this, The Reaper Makes His Street Outlaws 405 Return To Challenge Murder Nova!!!

For the longest time Reaper has had the new car ready and yet he could not make a solid hit to the best of the abilities of the car for reasons unknown to him.

He has been trying to figure his stuff out and get the new car to start putting down some serious runs on the street but there was something that just did not sit right with the car and would not allow him to go after the guys on the list.

After a visit to the Fireball Performance Cars LLC owned by no other than Ryan Martin, where he gets to demolish parts of the ceiling insulation during a dyno pull, it appears that he has finally resolved his issues with the car and he is ready to get to the top of the list.

In order to achieve that however, he needs to get on the list first and at the moment it is no other than Shawn Ellington and The Murder Nova that are standing in the tenth spot on the list and in his way, so before he can even get on the list, he needs to beat the Murder Nova.

While Shawn is having some major issues with his car and is unable to put down a solid pass there is no way to be sure that he will fail at it again and just relinquish the spot to Reaper.

Getting off the list might be somewhat of a personal deal for Shawn and this is why we are sure that he will at least try to “throw the kitchen sink at it” to do his best to stay on the list.

Will that be enough or will this master plan backfire and bite him, by spinning the tires and watching Reaper drive away?

Well as always check out the video and find out. 

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