Street Outlaws 405 Jeff Lutz Insane Crash vs Damon!!!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws 405 Jeff Lutz Insane Crash vs Damon!!!

Many years back these guys made their way into our living rooms thanks to the original Street Outlaws show, and even before they had done that we are sure that these guys being the street racers that they are have unfortunately managed to crash a few cars.

This is the way of life for these guys and they are well aware that driving a car at more than 100% of its abilities is pushing the laws of physics and no matter how good of a driver you are, you are bound to end up in a crash.

Unfortunately, today is the day that we got to experience the crash that Jeff Lutz got into during his race against Damon and just like Big Chief said, no matter how long you have done this for it never gets easier to see a racer laying on the ground helpless waiting for the medics to help him.

With Damon getting faster and faster each round the best idea that Jeff Lutz had for him to stay ahead of Damon’s car was to turn the ’57 up to make sure that he gets to stay ahead of him, however, it seems like he had turned the car up way too much.

It was Damon who was talking to his guys and opted against this kind of run and decided that he does not want to risk too much and turn it up all the way on the big end, which this time had proven like the wise thing to do, even though Damon is not the OG racer here.

Luckily as we all know, Jeff Lutz will be able to race another day and all of this will be put behind him pretty soon, however in the meanwhile check out this terrible accident and remember that street racing is dangerous.

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