Ryan Martin Goes for 5-0 against Murder Nova 405 Street Outlaws!!!

Check this, Ryan Martin Goes for 5-0 against Murder Nova 405 Street Outlaws!!!

With the start of the new season, there have been tons of unexpected results and one of the worst ones out there is the 0-4 of Shawn Ellington and the Murder Nova.

During the few episodes that have aired, the results of the Murder Nova have been a real roller-coaster because although Shawn has told us that the Murder Nova has gone faster than ever on that road, he always seems to get clipped at the end by a bumper or half a car.

He has mentioned this many times, in the few races that he already raced, and he has told us that surprisingly the Murder Nova is still making killer passes and pushing its best times further getting to that finish line faster than ever.

Unfortunately, it seems that all the other cars have made improvements over the winter and this is why he is in a lot of trouble regarding his score on this selection process which should take him to America’s List.

In the last few days, Shawn has made some changes to the rear suspension and was hoping that this would be enough to get the car moving faster down this road and win some races however this chip draw has the potential to set him even further back on the scoreboard.

At the moment his chances of getting on America’s List are looking pretty slim, and on top of that, he now has to race Ryan Martin who at the moment stands with Monza as the only two undefeated guys on this road.

His luck however might be changing because Ryan decided to turn the Fireball Camaro way up to find out how much power can the car put down on this road, to get ready for the eventuality of racing Monza, and this might just cause the Fireball to spin its tires and give the win to Shawn, so check it out.

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