Update on Big Chief’s Status with Street Outlaws?!

Check this, Update on Big Chief’s Status with Street Outlaws?!

We are once again bringing you the video from the popular YouTube channel Sim ABCXYZ, in order to find out how far are we with the news that Big Chief is quitting Street Outlaws or at least parts of the franchise.

A while back Sim dropped a bomb and told us that Big Chief had an altercation with Precious which involved Jackie and according to him at the end of this he said that he is done and he is leaving the show.

Well, a while has passed since, and still, at this time we have much more questions than answers like for example is Big Chief leaving the entire Street Outlaws production, or is it just the show that Precious and JJ Da Boss are involved in?

A while back it was Shawn Murder Nova Ellington that mentioned that if by any chance something is to happen with the production of these shows that he is in, he will still keep filming and make all the races events and even his maintenance on YouTube.

This assures us that if Shawn and Phantom can do it, surely Big Chief and Jackie can film and keep up with their fans strictly by using a platform like YouTube, with nearly a quarter of a million subscribers to their channel.

Or maybe Big Chief is going to stay on the Street Outlaws 405 and keep filming his street racing career in the 405 and America’s List because there have already been many comments that Street Outlaws will never be the same without the OG racer that made it all happen.

There are undoubtedly tons of questions that we all might think of with a legit subject when it comes to the future of his appearances in this franchise however we think that we should leave some of them to Sim so he can tell us what he knows about this.

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2 thoughts on “Update on Big Chief’s Status with Street Outlaws?!

  1. If Chuck become the lead on street outlaws. I’m done! Chuck is a loud mouth, crybaby and the biggest loser in the show. All he dose is try and but he’s nose in every one’s Business. Chief should have sleep him back in the day. But been Chief, he’s always the better mam.

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