Driver Crashes His Car After Trash-Talking Precious Street Outlaws: Memphis!!!

Check this, Driver Crashes His Car After Trash-Talking Precious Street Outlaws: Memphis!!!

Once again we join the action as we find precious in her “working chair” behind the wheel of her Malibu and this time she is here to kick some ass and possibly make some money in the process.

Lining up against her is Jeff Haggard in his Blazer which Precious and the Memphis team highly doubt is truly street legal, and therefore allowed in these types of street races.

There will be plenty riding on her shoulders as her team is coming from a loss with JJ Da Boss losing to Christ Sievert from Texas in a street race that JJ would want to forget as soon as possible since he practically got outrun by the competition in the second part of the race.

It seems that Jeff had the same idea of running down the Memphis crew on the big end and tried to get the car to keep pulling strong all the way to the end of the race. However, the plan was apparently not so successful because Jeff lost traction near the big end and the car started getting sideways.

He did all he can do at those high speeds in order to try and keep it on the road, however, the laws of physics had a different idea of the outcome of this race as well as his run. Sea-sawing at that speed is not the best way to get the car back in line so within a split second Jeff Haggard and his Blazer were pointed at the starting line, instead of the finish line which Precious was already crossing.

Luckily the car continued to slide and managed to stay the right side up even with the huge danger of rolling.

So check out the video and see how it all went down as these guys fight to see who’s faster on these streets.

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