The Longest Wheelstand Video is Here!!!

Check this, The Longest Wheelstand Video is Here!!!

Let’s be honest here for a minute, this is one of those competitions that draws its heritage from a bunch of guys sitting together at the track and one of them exclaims, here hold my beer.

The rest is pretty much history, and while the complete name is World Power Wheelstanding Championships the reality is that there will be damage carnage, and destruction at the track, while these guys try to show who can be better at dragging the rear bumper on the track for the longest time.

Back in the day, it was Ron Leek who managed to secure purchase on the Byron Dragway and over the years he managed the track in a way that provided the customers maximum entertainment for their bucks.

Over the years as he struggled with gathering funds for the renovation of the track he decided that he has to have something special that none of the other tracks had and after quite a few tries the Byron Dragway, the World Power Wheelstanding Championship had emerged.

To the racers and audience’s delight, the event managed to gather about 10,000 spectators making it the largest event at the track to date, now that was something that needed to be repeated every year, to make sure that the crowd gets their share of excitement.

Once the internet learned of the event and the way these guys spend their runs, the YouTube channels exploded with videos of the top drivers making their legendary laps while starring at the bright Illinois sky.

The popular YouTube channel tomeighty decided to take things a step further once again and create the longest YouTube video that features these wheelstands including the competitions from 2012 to 2021.

So get ready for nearly an hour of wheelstands which are compiled together in order for tomeighty to wish you Happy New Year, enjoy.


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