The Reaper Returns To The Street Outlaws 405!!!

Wow, check this, The Reaper Returns To The Street Outlaws 405!!!

While the opening few shots of the video might confuse you, with the big sign that says Fireball Performance Cars, do not worry this is still a video about Reaper we have not mistaken the name of the car or driver.

As we all know, Reaper did not have much luck on the list with his car so in order to get it ready for the next race season he decided that it needs some work on it, and where else than Ryan’s garage and the home of the Legendary Fireball Camaro.

Immediately after getting the car in there, these guys give Reaper a solution to the problems that he has been facing, like the fuel problem which has been bothering him for a while. As these guys explained, he has been overloading the belts and they have ended up skipping causing the fuel pump to provide less fuel when needed.

A quick dyno run proves that everything seems fine with the car and the Reaper is ready to get back to racing the streets of the 405 and all the guys that are on the famous 405 list.

Next up, these guys are diving straight into racing as Dominator and Chuck face off in one very interesting race.

While it might seem that Chuck has blown past Dominator and put a few cars between them something does not smell right with Dominator and he decides to see what can be done about it.

According to him, Chuck did not wait for the light above Big Chief’s head to turn on and left a smidge before Chief banged the light, which as we all know is a jump and will automatically give the win to Dominator.

So check out the video and let Big Chief do his job as the race master and tell us who will be the winner of this race after he checks out the starting line videos.

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