Big Chief VS Everyone, America’s List & Street Outlaws Before season 2!!!

Take a look at this, Big Chief VS Everyone, America’s List & Street Outlaws Before season 2!!!

Before these guys see the next starting light (or an arm drop for that matter) which will signify the start of the new racing season for these street racers, the team of Midwest Street Cars decided to bring us some sort of a recap of what we have seen them accomplish this past season.

Scottsbluff Nebraska is where these guys were headed in the midst of the pandemic and unloaded their cars with the idea to conquer the streets of the Scotts Bluff County and with some big hopes of winning some of the events that they will compete in while over there.

If you thought that the virgin road was the biggest problem that Big Chief faced, well think again.

According to the producers, the rules in the America’s List were the rules that were adopted from the Memphis crew and they stated that a chase is a race, something that these guys have never trained for.

These are street racers that have been trying for years to react to the smallest movement to let go of the ever so important trans brake button, so seeing movement on their peripheral vision would often trigger their instinct of letting go of the button.

This counterintuitive starting procedure had sent Big Chief chasing after some guys that he should have not chased, costing him a race here and there, making this event a real test on the nerves, not just the skills and the car’s outright acceleration capabilities.

In the few races for the top spot, the result was often decided with some help on the starting line procedure, like the times that Axmen jumped and Big Chief chased him down unsuccessfully.

By the end of the series, Big Chief ended up third on this list, and we are sure that he cannot wait for the next season to prove to everybody that he can go even further, so check out the video and enjoy.

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