Take a look at this, Big Chief’s new Small Tire Car First hit on the street!

It seems that purchasing/building a second car has been the thing to do this year and after many have done it from the 405 as well as America’s List, this time it is time for Big Chief to do the same.

While many of these guys have opted to get a second race car just for the No Prep Kings series while keeping the “old” one for the streets, Big Chief has done it differently, just like many times before.

Big Chief decided that he wants to go small tire racing and to do that he did not want to change The Crow’s suspension setup and put small tires on, instead he decided that he wants to own a small tire car.

While the red color and the badge might scream midlife crisis, and while Jackie might be making fun of him, he is determined that he made the right choice in the form of a bright red Corvette, like we said, midlife crisis.

Since this is not a brand new car, and since it has been modified there is no surprise when it sprung a leak before they even had the chance to make the first hit.

But we have to remember that this is Big Chief and he has a trailer full of tools that are able to make many different cars run no matter how much they refuse to cooperate, so a coolant pump leak is not going to stand between the first pass of this red Corvette and these guys.

After a bit of tinkering and wrenching, this red Corvette is ready to make its first hit on these streets and we are all excited to see how this goes.

So check out the video and see the brand new old Corvette that Big Chief has purchased and see it make its inaugural hit on the streets.

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