Crazy Wrecks, World Records, & INSANE Racing – Import vs Domestic 2021!!

Check this, Crazy Wrecks, World Records, & INSANE Racing – Import vs Domestic 2021!!

Once again we join the action at the track where the age-old battle is fought, to try and prove which are the fastest cars, the ones that were made abroad or the ones that were manufactured locally so welcome to another Import vs Domestic battle which we are sure will not disappoint.

For as long as cars have been mass-produced their respective owners have always had an opinion about which ones are better, and for as long as we can remember we have been seeing these types of battle, and that is a great way to push both types of vehicle to their very limits.

Nobody wants their pride and joy to be defeated so these guys have been heavily modifying their machines to prove a point and get to the finish line faster than the car in the next lane.

Of course, some of these guys will push their cars way beyond the ability of the installed parts and we will be seeing cars that are dropping their parts on the race track, including the springs and other parts of the rear end.

These are the things that are showing the drivers and builders that they needed to be spending a bit more money on the suspension instead of dropping all of it in the engine bay because as the horsepower numbers increase, so should the cost of the suspension as well as the safety measures.

When we are on the subject of safety measures, we have to say that they will be helping a few guys out here stay safe, and we also wanted to give props to the track crews for being on the spot in all of these incidents.

So check out the finals of the Import vs Domestic battle of 2021 and see how serious these guys are in this competition.  

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