Daddy Dave Crowned The New Fastest Daily Driver in 405 OKC!!!

Check this, Daddy Dave Crowned The New Fastest Daily Driver in 405 OKC!!!

As the season of No Prep Kings ends, the fastest 405 street racers are back, but now in a different cars, their Daily drivers.

All of them are very good racers in their racing cars, but some of them are even better in their daily riders.

What makes a daily driver? Well, driving to and from the place you race and basically you can drive your car everyday like any normal car. And this fits the bill with the ability to ramp up the hp as well.

Here we have second round of  two wheels drive.

All big names from Street Outlaws 405 are here like Big Chief, Dominator, Chuck, Daddy Dave, Doc, Monza, Kamikaze and more. Also there are people that are not shown on Street Outlaws and they are not shown on tv, but their daily drivers are sick as f*ck!

On the start, there are 10 races, so 20 people are in line for the crown of Fastest Daily Driver, but at the end Daddy Dave wins it, but not easy…

Daddy Dave drives a beautiful Twin Turbo s10 with 1100 hp that he built at his shop in Oklahoma. This truck might’ve started off as a common commuter. Dave has found a way to transform it into something incredibly special, though. While the pickup truck isn’t as brutally powerful as Goliath, it certainly is swinging a heavy hammer. Daddy Dave does many custom builds at his shop named The Pad OKC.

In first race, Daddy Dave wins a race against Chris and one bad to the bone Corvette. That was door to door race, because at the end Daddy Dave wins by a fender! Everybody thought that this Corvette will knock Daddy Dave out of this, but he prove to everyone that is the bada$$ street racer in OKC. He know that this kind of races should be won, because his truck reputation is on the line…

After the first win, Dominator stand on his way to the top in his wife’s Pontiac Firebird.

So to not stall you too much, check the video and tell us what’s your thoughts about all of these daily drivers…

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