Daddy Dave Twin Turbo S10 Daily Driver is Sick!!!

Check this, Street Outlaws star Daddy Dave Twin Turbo S10 Daily Driver is Sick!!!

Guess where we are headed today?

If your guess is to the streets then give yourself a pat on the back because that Daily Driver is right where it belongs, the streets.

We are talking about Daddy Dave’s S10 which is powered by a twin turbo engine which generates a decent amount of power and also because you cannot fight for the top three spots on the list and use a slow unmodified vehicle as your daily driver, it is not allowed.

Many times, Dave is facing a different more famous 55 which is owned by Chuck however today he is facing a different beast, he is facing a street Chevy 55 whose modification are unknown, all we know is that this thing sounds incredible.

Last time Daddy Dave faced Chuck in his 55, Daddy Dave lost, but this is not the Goliath and he is not at the track so let’s see how things turn out for him this time, shall we.

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