Attack Of The Prochargers – And More Events Being Postponed!!!

Take a look at this,Attack Of The Prochargers – And More Events Being Postponed!!!

According to some stories, the whole deal with the No Prep racing started back in Great Lakes Dragway, which is a quarter mile dragstrip located in the town named Paris, close to Union Grove, Wisconsin.

After this, the 405 guys started racing backwards on the track in order to use the part of the track that is not prepped and from then it grew to this huge deal it is today.

And when we say a huge deal we mean a huge deal since these days’ cars make up to 4 500 horsepower, and it is not easy when it comes to putting all that power down to the surface.

Sim tells us that the twin turbo setup tops out at around 4 500 horsepower and the Procharger at about 4 000, now that is some serious power which begs the question is the 500 extra hp usable at all?

To find out more, check out the video and let Sim fill you in.



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