Insane 632 Chevy Big Block Boat Engine Startup!!!

Check this insane boat with 632 Chevy Big Block Engine Startup!!!

If you are thinking that the exhaust of this monstrous engine will be submerged into water and the sound that it makes will be gurgled and quiet, well you are terribly mistaking.

To be honest that is the first thing that came to mind but after we played the video we were in for a very nice surprise, this thing sounds awesome.

This thing is so powerful that as you are about to see, the torque that it provides when revved it swings the boat to one side showing everybody that this thing means business.

The throttle response is also something that gave us chills and the only thing that is actually missing from this vide has to be a real full power run, which would show us the power that this beast is making.

Si check out this older video which might not be in high definition but that really doesn’t take away anything from it.

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