RedRum Turbo Mustang Destroys All Competitors!!!

Take a look how RedRum Turbo Mustang Destroys All Competitors!!!

Let us first explain that this is filmed at the NoPrep event which was held in Alamo city Motorplex where the RedRum Turbo Mustang was competing in the small tire category.

You might notice a conspicuous sticker on the front of the car declaring the owner/driver as part of the Black Sheep Mafia and we all know that he is a part of the group that Kye Kelley, his girl Lizzy Musy and many other famous racers are a part of, meaning that a lot is expected from this single turbo Mustang.

The fact of the matter is, the other vehicle which was in the finals with RedRum was actually his teammate from the same group in a twin turbo Mustang named Wallstreet.

In the video it looks like these small tire cars are really flying and we had to play it a couple of times just to admire how fast, and straight as an arrow these cars were moving, so check it out.


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