The Evolution of Street Outlaws!!!

This is The Evolution of Street Outlaws!!!

Has their own success kinda killed the fun in the Street Outlaws Memphis series?

That is actually something we have been talking about because they won against NOLA with what seemed to be such ease that if what we thought was going to be impossible turned out to be a very easy job for Memphis.

So if even Team NOLA could not give them a close race, that means that whenever somebody show up to their streets, or even if they go somewhere, we kind know who the winner will be before they even get there.

Unless they decide to head to the famous 405 piece of road where they are usually list-racing, now that would be something that we would love to watch.

As always for the other news in the street racing world make sure you check out Sim in his newest video and let him tell you all there is to know.

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