When Is The 405 Street Outlaws Returning To T.V.

Take a look at this, When Is The 405 Street Outlaws Returning To T.V.

Once again Sim is back to fill us in on what is important in the world of street racing in the past year and unfortunately it is not good.

He starts off with a warning but in the worst warning that there is to racers, a really bad wreck.

He shows a picture of what looks like a 4 door G body that has been in a very nasty crash and as soon as you take a second look of the car, you know that this vehicle did not have a cage.

The owner must have spent a huge amount of money on the drivetrain and yet failed to throw in a few hundred bucks to get the roll cage installed.

This meant that the roof cave in pretty bad and luckily he is OK, but at least he learned a valuable lesson, never save on safety, check it out.

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