Street Outlaws Cali Nate Bad Wreck at Kentucky Cash Days!

Check this, Street Outlaws Cali Nate Bad Wreck at Kentucky Cash Days!!!

To put your mind at ease, the first thing that we wanted to tell you about the video is that both drivers are ok and none of them sustained any injuries during what appears to be a simple racing incident.

Unfortunately, we once again are the bearer of bad news this time as we take you to Kentucky with the help of this video.

We are headed to the Kentucky Cash Days where many popular racers showed up to get their shot at the cash that lay ahead at the end of the event.

However, as the racers explained we were facing a rough surface once again and as always it prevented racers from putting down the power that they were expecting to put down at this event in the hunt for the cash and fame of the event.

Some would say that we are being too harsh in attacking the surface and the rough track however, once you see the video you will understand why we are being so judgmental.

The problem occurred for both drivers at nearly exactly the same time and at exactly the same location as they both lose traction nearly simultaneously, and they both end up in the guardrail that was standing in for a wall that would separate the race cars from the spectators.

The only thing that really surprised us is how much carnage we saw and destruction on both vehicles which ended up getting pretty banged up for something that really looked like a mild hit in the guardrail.

Both the truck in the left lane, as well as Cali Nate’s Z in the right, ended up on their wheels however they managed to accumulate some substantial damage.

So check out the video and see how it all went down and both cars ended up out of the event in a split second.

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