250mph in 5 seconds, Corvette Promod does it with EASE!!!

Check this, 250mph in 5 seconds, Corvette Promod does it with EASE!!!

Everything is much easier when pros do it, and by pros, we do mean this 1959 Promod Corvette which is capable of chewing up the quarter-mile and spitting it behind in the low 5’s at the blistering speed of more than 250 miles an hour at the speed trap.

With a 526 Miner Brothers Racing engine and a massive screw blower on top, this rocket ship sends its power towards a Lenco three-speed manual gearbox that the driver manages to shift in the middle of the run, no matter how short the run is.

You would think that this would slow him down however it appears that he enjoys this type of work because it makes the run just a bit more special.

Thanks to the guys at the 1320Video YouTube channel we get to go for a ride in this monster and have a chance to see him actually shift those gears which are pretty cool, to say the least.

Coming from California John Durden has been in the racing business since back in 1990 and recently has been having success with this yellow monster that produces about 3,500 horsepower and weighs 2,600 lbs. as the regulation says for this race class.

Unfortunately, luck was not on John Durden’s side as he tried to hit 260 on the speed trap at the finish line since he ran into trouble with the engine.

It was all set for the next round however and he was going to be a man on a mission to get those numbers to lit up once he crosses the finish line, however, the organizer of the race decided to cut it short due to the low track temperatures which might be dangerous for these guys.

So check out the video and see this incredible machine make some laps.

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