Christmas Tree Drag Racing World Championship -Twas Three Nights Before Christmas!!!

Check this, Christmas Tree Drag Racing World Championship -Twas Three Nights Before Christmas!!!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and to make sure you guys have a great time, we are taking you to Bradenton Motorsport Park for one of the most amazing races that happen every season, the Christmas tree race.

While on most properties, not a creature is stirring, over at the Bradenton Motorsport Park there is plenty of action and most importantly all of the racers have managed to get their Christmas trees on their vehicles.

Many of them even managed to get the lights working making the whole deal picture-perfect, because this is one of the rare occasions when you find more than one Christmas tree on the track, with the lights on.

Many of these folks chose a different approach when it came to securing the tree on their vehicle but what surprised us was the fact that a couple of them managed a personal best (or very close) with the tree attached.

We were sure that the added weight would not slow the cars by much, however, the wind resistance was increased with nearly every vehicle, so that means that these guys had a great night since they were able to perform to the best of their abilities while carrying a Christmas tree, kudos to them.

The Jeep was even sporting a reindeer that was attached to the front of the vehicle making the whole deal extra special when he pulled a massive wheelie making that reindeer fly up towards the sky when leaving the starting line.

These guys were doing so good that even The Grinch made an appearance to try and stop the fun, however as always, he was not able to and the party went on.

So to find out who won check out the video and have a Merry Christmas and happy holidays from all of us here at  

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