Big Chief and Jackie Testing on the Street, Finding Problems in the Vette!?

Check this, Big Chief and Jackie Testing on the Street, Finding Problems in the Vette!?

Get ready for Vette jokes on this episode because Big Chief is convinced that he missed that section in the last video that he and Jackie made, which featured his brand new old Corvette that he purchased.

While most of the jokes he has are pointed right back at them since he is telling all of them about a red Corvette, we are sure that he knows what he has purchased and he has a plan of how to make his Vette better and more reliable.

Don’t get us wrong, he has made a hit in the car already and it seems that he is getting excited to tune the car and get as fast as the car can be, however, he is apparently missing one of the most important tools that he has when it comes to tuning race cars, his laptop.

In a way, going back to analog might be a great way for Big Chief to remind himself on how things used to be done and as soon as he starts talking about how fast the car picked up the front end and what does he need to do to slow this down, it is obvious that things are coming back to him and he knows what he is talking about.

Additionally, Chief is going to give us a lesson in physics as well as chassis tuning as he explains how rear steering works to get the car to eventually go straight after snapping to one side on the starting line.

It would take us quite a while to try and explain this ourselves, especially without the hand gestures that he uses to make things easier to understand, so we are not even going to try. Instead, we are going to ask you the play the video and leave that part to the professionals, so check out the video and let Big Chief tell you all about it.

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