Kye Kelley Races His Fiancé Lizzy Musi!!!

Check this, Kye Kelley Races His Fiancé Lizzy Musi!!!

Almost every time you line up against someone you try to trash talk your way into the race, telling him that you are going to beat him badly, put busses on him, or even drive out of his life.

Then again, this is not your average race.

There is going to be a different tone to this race and it is truly fun to watch.

On an ordinary day, nobody walks up to his opponent to give him a hug and a kiss and that’s fine, but it is also fine to do so as this couple gets ready to stage for the race.

We have been watching Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi for years now and we all know that both drivers are very, very fast, however this time it is Kye Kelley who is in the best spot to give Ryan Martin a run for the championship while Lizzy sits uncomfortably on the seventh spot.

Being his fiancé there is no doubt that Lizzy would like to see Kye grab the crown of the No Prep Kings Championship, however at the same time as her father Pat Musi puts it, she comes from a racing legacy, and throwing a race is not something that she should do.

The decision on whether to throw the race or not must be devastating for her because this is not the final of the day and she would rob Kye of quite a few points if she somehow manages to get ahead of him to the finish line.

At the same time, Kye is not somebody that expects points to magically drop from the sky for him, so this will be a very interesting race to watch.

So does Lizzy’s car have what it takes to beat Kye and will Lizzy push to get the win?

As always watch the video and find out. 

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